POISON CITY: For many years I have been documenting the streets and subcultures of Durban, aka Poison City. I am drawn to flamboyant characters, artists, musicians, performers and all those who disrupt the order of public space with a moment of magic or self-expression.These interventions are often at odds with social norms, laws or perceptions of how people should behave in public. See project.

CALI-LLUSIONS: In 2016 I spent a month drifting the California coast… following dreams and visions forged by a lifetime of absorbing American culture from a distance. I grew up on Hollywood films, music, art and culture from the US so it was fascinating to drift through the ordinary cities – which glitter from afar but are filled with ordinary people facing the same human struggle that is universal – to survive and be someone. See project.

STREET DREAMERS: How do the vulnerable and homeless survive the COVID-19 lockdown? Without television or a radio, isolated from friends and family and with few prospects to look forward to on the other side of the quarantine? There is no return to ‘normal’ for the street sleepers of Durban. See project.